1.    We are collectors of the sublime, of moments that make our souls dance; whose strangeness and mystery connect us with our deepest and most sensible fibers.


2.    We are a new race, we don’t believe in exclusive traits or roles for women and men. We defend gender equality.


3.    We channel our spirit through our most iconic piece: the power suit. We believe suits have the potential to bolster the confidence and attitude of those who wear them.


4.    Versatility defines our pieces: they can be worn together or separately, by day or night, with stilettos or sneakers. They are fluid, always elevating while adding personality to every look.


5.    We seek to spark change from within. We don’t dress to cover our bodies, but to express the colors of our souls.


6.    We believe the only approval we need is our own. Authenticity and transparency guide the relationship with ourselves.


7.    Our commitment to quality is our signature. We choose premium and durable materials, and nurture a system based on ethical working conditions.


8.    We believe in the intelligence of flowers, the healing power of plants and the respect for Mother Nature.


All of these values are transferred into each of our pieces, which give meaning and a sense of purpose to our work.